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For our bodies to function effectively and for us to be able to breath, oxygen is a necessity. Degrading lactic acid and regenerating damaged cells are also crucial. Up to 92% pure oxygen is produced by the O2 to Derm machine, which improves skin respiration, rejuvenates the skin, and provides anti-aging effects. It enhances the skin’s ability to produce collagen, reducing the appearance of ageing. It gets rid of reactive oxygen species like hydroxyl radicals, which are the main cause of ageing skin.

⦁     Rejuvenate cracked or damaged skin cells
⦁     Your immune system will be stronger
⦁     Acne and other skin problems will be improved
⦁     Revives and rehydrates drained skin
⦁     When combined with medical-grade treatments, it enhances tone, texture and leaves an immediate healthy glow.
⦁     It improves the skin’s general appearance; giving it a radiant glow and making it look younger.


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