What is Hyperpigmentation?

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What is Hyperpigmentation?

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Hyperpigmentation is a common, harmless skin condition where patches of the skin appear darker than the healthy skin surrounding it. Melanocytes produce melanin (brown pigment) in the skin, giving individuals a natural, healthy skin colour. These dark patches occur when melanin is over stimulated and forms deposits in the skin. When individuals are exposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, melanin absorbs this energy, producing a tan fairly quickly in order to protect the skin from overexposure. These spots form after years of exposure to the sun.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

· Overexposure to the sun

· Hormonal Changes / Imbalances

· Inflammation of the Skin

· Skin Injuries

· Medications

· Picking of the skin

Types of Hyperpigmentation

· Lentigo/Lentigenes: one freckle; Lentigenes refers to several freckles

· Solar Lentigenes: often referred to as “age spots”, “liver spots” and “sun spots”, Solar Lentigenes are freckle-like pigment spots on the skin caused by sun exposure that vary in size

· Melasma: often referred to as the ‘pregnancy mask’, Melasma is caused by hormonal imbalances in the body due to pregnancy, medication, diseases, etc. It is characterized by sporadic, pigmented areas on the face- mainly along the forehead, cheeks & chin

· Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: Spotting and discolouration of the skin as a result of inflammation caused by trauma (ex. burn)

· Nevus: a mole; a clearly defined spot on the skin, which can range in colour from tan to black and can be flat or raised. (Note: Moles can become cancerous, it is recommended for individuals to get their moles check by a doctor or dermatologist once a year)

· Port-Wine Stain: a red or purple spot on the skin, which is often present from birth and generally, appears on the face.

How nuYou Laser and Wellness Spa MD Can Help!

atta2chmentAt nuYou Laser, we offer a variety of medical treatments and corrective skin care products that assist in reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmented skin.

Photo Rejuvenation – Photo Rejuvenation is an IPL (light-based) Laser treatment that is offered at nuYou Laser and it is intended to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and Rosacea. These treatments also improve the appearance of surfaced acne scars, reduce pore size, smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as it encourages collagen production.

Facial Peels- Facial Peels are another treatment offered at nuYou Laser and it is intended to treat a variety of different skin conditions, with specific ones focusing on hyper-pigmented skin. Peels exfoliate the dead layers off the surface of the skin and provide the skin with brightening, lightening, hydrating and moisturizing properties. With the gentle formulation of our peels, we can assure you that your skin will receive optimal results without any downtime or harm involved.

Skin Care/ Home Care is a very important aspect in receiving desired results and should be performed twice a day- once in the morning and once in the evening. At nuYou, we only carry medical-grade products that contain the most beneficial ingredients in assisting individuals with their unwanted skin imperfections. The most important part of any skin care regime is a sunblock that protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Let your journey to healthier, looking skin begin here. Consultations are complimentary and very informative. Experience matters and your results matter to us. Treating individuals unwanted skin imperfections is our area of expertise; let the experts at nuYou take care of you from here on in!

By Stephanie Nuosci

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