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Are you a candidate for lashes?

Good Candidate:
Wear minimal to no makeup daily
Sleep on your back
Have healthy and strong natural lashes
Can dedicate time in the morning and night to properly clean lashes
Have no problem maintaining and up keeping them every 2-3 weeks

Can lay down for 1-2 hours during the service
Minimal or no allergies

Not the Best Candidate:
Like to rub your eyes
Sleeps on stomach or side
Wear heavy makeup daily
Thin and short natural lashes
Can’t lay down for more than 1.5 hours during the service
Hard to find time every 2-3 weeks for refill service
Have very oily skin (breaks down the glues bond)
Are pregnant or postpartum (hormones are not balanced and can cause lashes to fall out sooner)
Have lots of allergies

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