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Eyelash Extensions!

Nu You Laser Spa and Wellness Centre would like to introduce our newest addition in response to ever-growing trend: Eyelash Extensions!

Ever wish that your morning routine required less work? Say goodbye to triple coating your mascara to achieve the volume, length and curl that your anatomy deprived you of!

Using Xtreme faux mink and faux mink bold extensions we work with your natural lashes to give you a more defined natural or more dramatic look, depending on your preference. One individual lash extension is adhered to one of your natural lashes. These extensions are light in weight and will not damage the natural lash itself. So instead of spending 15 minutes on your eye routine every morning, come into our spa for about an hour eyelash routine that will last you 4-6 weeks!

Benefits of Wearing Eyelash Extensions:

– They do not damage your natural lash
– They last for up to 6 weeks
– Clump free
– No daily application
– Less time put into your daily routine
– Water proof
– Length, volume, and curl you have always desired
– They look natural
– They only take an hour to apply
– You can just get up and go in the morning
– Look your best at all times!

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