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Eyelashes have become a big focus when it comes to make-up and esthetics. Many people today resort to eyelash extensions and while wearing them try to grow their natural eyelashes simultaneously. However, many products have been proven unreliable until now.

The Eye Envy eyelash conditioner has been proven effective in growing eyelash and eyebrow hair and is becoming everyone’s must have serum. It helps to increase the length, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes. To maintain their value, they are only sold in spas or by professionals.


People who have eyelash damage from mascara use
People who have lost eyelashes
Those suffering from Madarosis
People with a small amount of eyebrow hair
People who have a prolonged use of eyelash extensions, flare lashes, or band lashes
People who are pre or post menopausal
People who just want longer, fuller, and thicker lashes
And just about ANYONE!


Eye Envy eyelash conditioner can be used simultaneously while wearing eyelash extensions, helping your natural lashes to stay healthy and grow underneath.

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