With every summer comes that barbeque, that night out with your friends, family dinners, or eating fast food because it was convenient. Were all guilty of it somewhere along the way, which is why it is important that we rejuvenate the conditions of our bodies. Why not now?
The summer is ending, the kids are back in school and our friends our less likely to go out in the cold weather. Right now is a better time than ever to start fresh.

Personal training allows you to work one on one with a certified coach who will customize a workout plan catered to you individual body’s needs and wants, provide motivation and support, and help you achieve your goals.


Customized workout to your individual needs and wants
Learning effective paces and intensity levels required to achieve your goals
Turning your weaknesses into strengths
Losing weight
Toning muscle
Achieving your overall goals
Consistent motivation to maximize results
Healthier lifestyle


With working out comes a healthier lifestyle. Our personal trainer can provide a meal plan and at home exercises for when you are not training.

nuYou has adopted a juicing method called, Happy Juice, that works as a direct source of nutrients and a cleanse depending on how you and your trainer decide will work best for you.


When using Happy Juice as a cleanse, it can help you lose 5-10lbs. After 3 days, Happy Juice begins to turn existing fat into energy. Not only will you lose weight, but it will help train your body to avoid salty, sugary and fried foods.

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