If you missed out on your chance last year to be hair free for the summer, your chance to have smooth skin for next summer is here now!
nuYou Laser Spa MD & Wellness Centre offers the most effective long-term laser hair removal solution by using the Soprano Xli. It allows us to work on a wide diversity of skin types all year-round; where as other lasers cannot work on tan or dark skin.


The Soprano Xli is an in motion laser that combines wavelengths with the advantages of a diode laser. The laser travels beneath the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle, which is then converted to heat. This process damages the hair follicles, which significantly stunts its ability to regrow. Unlike many laser hair removal machines, the Soprano Xli incorporates a chill tip, which cools and protects the skin and allows for the treatment to be more comfortable.


LASER HAIR REMOVAL                     |                         WAXING/SHAVING
Permanent Hair Removal/Reduction         |        Hair free for 2-6 weeks
6-10 Treatments                                               |        Life time treatments
Described to be 10x more painless than waxing   |    Waxing can be very painful
Cheaper cost in the long term                          |            Cheaper cost in the short term but adds up in the long run due to continuous payments
Will not damage the skin              |                    Can cause irritation, discolouration, and/or in-growns
Hair free & smooth skin                |                   Continuously have to let you hair grow long before you can remove it

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